Excellence In Work

The Wall Street Journal and other business publications have writers that are disciplined authors that inspire me.

They inspire me because there really is more to business than the business aspect of it. The spreadsheets, tax attorneys, CPA’s, Wall Street trading, investments, blue chip stocks, mutual funds, and the bottom line profit are fractions of what business does for the whole world.

Our capitalistic economy makes it possible for business men like me to create something beautiful with my own hands.

Yesterday as I began work in the Vanderbilt area I was delighted to pay close attention to detail as I sprayed Formula 409 on a marble shower. I scrub it with a non-abrasive pad, and I wiped it down with a soft cotton rag. The work is not glamorous, but an honest day’s work gives every human being dignity that empowers them to hold their head high.

My work continued as I made my way across the  master bathroom marble floor to clean the Jack and Jill sink and mirrors. I smile as I remember each step I took in spraying the mirror with Windex and the vanities with 409, and like my plumbing friend Brooks taught me when a room is done I walk back in (with no shoes mind you), and admire the work completed. Thank you Brooks.

It’s very satisfying work. You see the results right away. It’s akin to painting a room. I’m not a good painter, nor do I desire to be one, but cleaning is my forte. I’ve been doing it professionally for 5-years, so I think I can call it that.

The point of this post is really to admire excellence whether that’s  from a Contributor distributor to a neurosurgeon and their work. One may walk to work, and the other may drive to work in a 7 Series BMW with all the options, but they both have a choice to make. Will I bring excellence to my work today, and if I do I will be happier with myself and life in general.

Thanks for reading.


About Tomlinson Cleaning, LLC

I've been cleaning Middle Tennessee homes since 2007.
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