A Green Experience

Belle Meade Starbucks is my office away from home.

When I finished servicing a client I went by the bank, and I ordered a venti mocha in a real glass at the other Belle Meade Starbucks. They don’t have real glasses, so I said I’m going to the other Starbucks. I realize the Nashville Starbucks use Earthsavers for their recycling service, but when it’s in my power to use real drinkware or silverware I go out of my way to do that.

I also picked up a copy of today’s Wall Street Journal, and I read an interesting article about the McDonald’s Corp. It was about the children and grandchildren of franchisee owners taking over their parents and grandparents restaurants.

It elaborated about what several 30-somethings are doing with organic farmers, green initiatives and competing with Starbucks by adding wifi and more outlets for patron’s computers. They still must address the issues their parents and grandparents dealt with, but the new thinking is challenging many corporate managers.

I’m really glad we are becoming more aware of our environment and health, and if large companies like McDonalds care and lead the way then those of us in the small business sector will be inspired to follow.

Thank you McDonalds for improving the environment and our health.



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I've been cleaning Middle Tennessee homes since 2007.
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