More Goose Egg Stuff

This should be included on Rich Like Espresso , but I think I can definately spin it to be an article for this here, my own Wall Street Journal (said in southern drawl). The smart ones aren’t all up north, but north and south conservs do read the WSJ. I assume. It’s my opinion, hence my own sole proprietor blog.

My patience with a national retail chain grew intolerably thin. I chose a different chain this morning, and I was delighted with the choice. It helps that this chain is coming to our Nashville suburb in the fall, but until then I will drive the extra miles to the location I visited this morning.

I realize this is the nature of the marketplace beast, but I think it holds every business foot to the fire. Marketplace accountability is important, and if someone is not happy with a particular, say, maid or internet/cable provider they have the freedom in our country to discontinue their service and hire another provider.

Our capitalistic economy was built upon this fair trade system, and it motivates business owners like me to offer great customer service. Hopefully when this happens across the marketplace owners and employees alike will see how positive an impact it has on everyone.

It’s the Golden Rule, and even if you don’t subscribe to my Judeo-Christian values it will nonetheless make you and yours lives better.

I guarantee it. I’m an imperfect Christian, but when I strive to incorporate this attitude as a service provider to Nashville I know it makes people smile.

And when people smile I know my work is good.

Go get some smiles! Happy Valentines Day by the way!


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