My Business Shame and Failure

The Wall Street Journal doesn’t gloss over the realities of life and business.

That’s one reason I want a subscription.

I don’t agree with Occupy Wall Street, but I take my hat off to those men and women who are letting their voices be heard across the nation.

I especially appreciate the candidness at this time in our nation’s political journey because of all the empty promises the candidates are making. It’s actually nice to know what someone really thinks.

That’s what this blog is about. I stick strictly to business as it pertains to me, myself and I, but like my other blog my straight-forward approach pulls no punches.

When I left the office this morning, aka my house, I was not going to work, rather I was taking my wife to work. Our seven-year-old female offspring was singing Christmas carols in the back seat because all of the Nashville radio stations we find Christmas music on were playing commercials.

We went down Michael Drive, home of Tomlinson House Cleaning, LLC, and I turned right on Woodberry. I made a left on McGavock and shortly made a right on Elm Hill Pike. When I conclude my journey on Elm Hill I usually sit at the light, looking at the Purity logo about half-a-mile in front of me, and I pray for peace to come to the Ezell family. I then turn left on Fesslers Lane, and I make a sharp right on Polk before I turn right on Nolensville Road. It’s not long before I make a left on Craighead right beside the fairgrounds.

For several years as I’d look at the Coca-Cola bottling company on Craighead my mind would fill with shame and failure because of the times I’d come that way at 3am when I worked for Nashville’s Coke bottling company. My employment there did not end well.

Writing that is difficult because it drudges up many bad memories, but I know that as I turned right on Bransford this morning that the journey doesn’t stay in the past. I passed the bottling company this morning, and the shame and failure were taken away as well because of the fact I serve a risen Savior who took it away 2000 years ago.

It’s not just business. It can be very personal if you call on Jesus as your Lord.

My morning reflections continued as I took my better-half to work. Bransford intersects with Wedgewood, and 23rd Avenue North becomes our destination as my lovely bride exits the car to rehabilitate her patients.

My sin and shame is a reality, but it doesn’t define me, and like many other business men I am empowered to change.

King David and King Solomon were two wise leaders who failed, but they also changed. King David more so than many, yet he was still called a man after God’s own heart.

I’m not going to tell you to have a nice day, but I will tell you that the hope, prosperity and niceness you experience today is not because of anything you see, rather it will be because, whether you realize it or not, that God is here, and like you heard so many times in December He really is our Emmanuel.


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I've been cleaning Middle Tennessee homes since 2007.
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