That Darn Laundry

The best companies have systems and routines in place that perform like clockwork. It’s elementary.

The best operating families do the same. As a family who functions with a small business under it’s roof we have to mind our p’s and q’s even more to keep both sides functioning properly. I am a sole proprietor, and my office space takes up a small fraction of our ranch style home. I don’t have employees, and the house cleaning industry does not require complicated tools to operate. Those tools most of the time occupy space in my car trunk, so unless it’s around the holidays they never see my office.

Laundry, it seems to me, in any family and other families I service, becomes the achilles tendon for most domestic bodies.

I began Tomlinson House Cleaning almost five years ago, and I just now mastered a system that puts me in charge of the laundry in my home. I no longer fight load after load because we don’t have socks or underwear. If I don’t have time to dry and fold a load then I will not even wash them.

But once you get to where time management includes a wash, dry and fold then you will have a peace and control on your life that few enjoy.

The secret of course is not handling any one item or items more than is necessary. For example, when I take a load of clothes out of the washer I put them in the dryer. That is one handle. When the dryer cycle is finished I take the load out and dump it to where I sort and fold. That’s two handles. Then it goes to where it will rest until it’s needed. That’s three handles.

Now, there is an exception. If it’s after hours, and my daughter has retired on a school night I will find temporary location for her apparel. But the catch is that it is already washed, dried and folded. It merely waits to be put away. That’s only four handles.

I sincerely think this system is transferable to any business or family that deals with large amounts of laundry.

Be realistic though. Don’t beat yourself up if you have to take a Saturday or Sunday to play catch-up. Life happens, and all of us get behind. The simple premise of the task will not only free you up to do something you really want to do, but it will make your mornings run smoother when life isn’t happening.

Until later happy laundering your clothes, not money, or I’ll have to get you a pair of cement shoes for Christmas! 🙂



About Tomlinson Cleaning, LLC

I've been cleaning Middle Tennessee homes since 2007.
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