Email Etiquette

A prospect emails me concerning details about a possible new business relationship we are going to talk about next Thursday.

I went to college with the prospect, so I was a little more fraternity like in communicating with them through our emails. I wish I had thought about that before I sent it.

I don’t think they are holding it against me, and as far as I know we still have a meeting next Thursday. They inquired about Thursday after my less than professional email.

My point is that even if the tie is off and the jacket is on the back of the chair or it’s your best friend from high school if the context is business treat it as such. Even if you err on the side of extreme business formality the boundary for business speak is set, and communication can be clear.

Don’t beat yourself up over sociological mistakes you make. Keep a level head. Admit your mistakes, and move on. Even Donald Trump or Warren Buffett creates awkward moments in the marketplace and the board room.

As I’ve written before the best compliment for my service I can receive is a referral from my clients.

Have a great weekend!


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I've been cleaning Middle Tennessee homes since 2007.
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