Thank You Eclipse

My massage therapist asked me if I would donate cleaning to a silent Salvation Army auction. I did, and today I cleaned for the client that won the bid.

As I traveled to the Forest Hills residence my mind fixated on thanks for Tomlinson Cleaning, family and the arts.

Last night I read a section in Eclipse where Rosalie told Bella about her human life, and how her human life came to an end. The mood it set in my mind drove me to this blog to write about a client I just lost.

Tonight I came in with an entirely different frame of mind, so I deleted that post saved in my draft file. Reason being that some things happened in me at the two houses I cleaned today that gave me resolve and closure to my latest client loss.

First being, bad customer service will cause turnover.

Second being, the past is just that, the past. It has no power over the present and future. I believe this with all my heart. Does every business still have limitations? Yes, because every human being has limitations, but you receive what you envision for your life, and so long as you live in the reality of your limitations without compromising the desires you hold in your heart of hearts than nothing can stop you from obtaining it.

When I finished with my second client I headed to the Donut Den to collect payment. As I left the Donut Den with a check I headed down Hillsboro Pike to the Regions I frequent in Green Hills. I’m sipping on my hazelnut coffee at a red light, and a mass of thanksgiving for my family waiting on me in Oak Hill flooded my mind.

Solomon was right. There’s nothing better than for a man to work, rest and enjoy the fruits of his labor. Family, business, the arts and education make sense within that context. God remembered is another thing Solomon got right. Meaningless activity ensues when experience does not include God.

God is the reason for Tomlinson Cleaning. God is the reason for my family. God shows up in the arts.

And God showed up today.


About Tomlinson Cleaning, LLC

I've been cleaning Middle Tennessee homes since 2007.
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