Brand Loyalty

Branding is about relationship. Let me unpack that.

I don’t think you’ll do business with a company if you don’t like the person you interact with. There’s exceptions to every rule, but somewhere at sometime the company you do business with impressed you because someone treated you right.

My alma mater is a good example of this on a personal and business level. I give and receive from Lipscomb University. Yes, I give monetarily. I give my prayers that it will also transform lives the way it has for my parents and me. When you believe in what an organization offers you put your money where your mouth is. One of the reasons I was able to attend Lipscomb University is that there was a doctor who put his money where his mouth is. I’m paying it forward.

Look at a person’s checkbook, and you’ll see what they value. Hopefully we part with our earnings because whether that brand is Tomlinson House Cleaning, LLC or Lipscomb University, they are empowering this world to be a better place.

Brands don’t just stand for a business to make money. I pray they stand for making the lives of others better. We might argue about the fine line there is in that, but you can’t argue with a companies’ motive. You can question their motive if the judgement is bad, but to say that, for example, Joe Paterno intended to hurt all those boys is to question his motive. His judgement for not reporting the assistant coach behavior after he found out about it was wrong, but to say that Coach Paterno’s motive was wrong is impossible to say. Many good motives lend themselves to bad judgment, but only God can judge motive.

So where do you stand in this equation? Is branding just a narcissistic activity we participate in or can it stand for truth, justice and freeing others from bondage?

I personally believe it is a good thing because it does the latter. I think God is moving and active in the marketplace working his will out in day to day operations of what we know as the global economy. He wants to set things right, but he is not going to force anyone to align with his idea of branding. He gives us the choice. Oh, if we don’t choose to do it God’s way at some point we will have to give an account of how we used our money and time, but as Thanksgiving Day approaches and I watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade I’m going to thank him for the blessings he has put into my life, and though evil is still here he has given us the power to stand up against it at home and abroad.

It’s my prayer as a Christian business man that you will align yourself with brands that make our world a better place. That the companies we do business with are taking care of widows, orphans, homeless and those with terrible illness.



About Tomlinson Cleaning, LLC

I've been cleaning Middle Tennessee homes since 2007.
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