A Routine’s Epiphany

Tuesday began as usual in a Nashville suburb known as Oak Hill. My client and her husband left for an acupuncture appointment, and I began to do my cleaning thing. I reached a mental zone akin to Michael Jordan’s zone he would get into when no one could stop him. I was dusting an entertainment system, and this overwhelming joy filled my inner conscientiousness. Each nick-nack I picked up from the top down three shelves to the bottom wasn’t greeted with a gotta-do-this, rather a I-get-to-do-this. You’ve experienced the sheer joy of a particular activity for the love of it. I was there, and out of the ten jobs I’ve had in the past ten years I can count on one hand how many times that has happened. Since becoming a solopreneuer four years ago I have experienced it every week. No amount of money can replace that, and if you are just working to earn a paycheck you’d better do some soul searching to find work you can believe in because your life depends on it.

When I finished with my Oak Hill client I ventured over to Green Hills to stop off at Regions to make a deposit. I journeyed down Hillsboro to the Donut Den  where one Kolache was waiting. I’m living right.

The Green Hills Kroger served me up with a large container of white distilled vinegar because my supply was nil, and 44o gave way to 40East as I made my way to another client in Lebanon.

When my Lebanon detail was done I headed back west on 40 to the office (aka my house) and took care of some administrative tasks.

It was then time to visit another local middle Tennessee Regions to make yet another deposit so that Tomlinson House Cleaning can stay in business.

As I’m turning south on Elm Hill Pike my mind begins to think about the good Mapco hazelnut coffee I’m about to enjoy. When I park and walk into the store I make my way back to where most Mapco’s keep their coffee, and when I finished preparing it the way I prepare it every time I walk to the counter to make my purchase. I reach into my Dave Ramsey coin sleeve as I’m apologizing to the clerk for using change, but it wasn’t too “bothersome” because I had five quarters and a nickel for the trade.

As the “professional” side of my day came to an end I sighed another offering of thanks for yet another successful routine. This simplistic approach to work is a welcome respite, and though my earlier sentiments were melodramatic there is great calm and stability to a created routine.

Do we stop dreaming? No. Do we settle for under achieving? So much about business and life is subjective, so I think the one who defines success is like the art connoisseur. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Only I can know if I’ve stopped dreaming or if I’m under achieving.

Bottom line in my blog is whether or not you enjoy your work, and just because you can do the work doesn’t mean you should be doing the work because there is more to life than money.


About Tomlinson Cleaning, LLC

I've been cleaning Middle Tennessee homes since 2007.
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