Dream Doers

Dan Poynter taught me that when you are a writer you must take first responsibility to market your writing. The self-publishing expert says this because some authors think that when they get an editor, agent and publishing company that they will market for you. This is true to a certain extent, but I agree with Mr. Poynter in that as free agents we cannot rest on our laurels and let others do the hard work of selling our products or services. No one believes more in my residential cleaning service than I do, and no one can sell my maid service as well as I can. When I’m speaking with a prospect I’m selling myself and my ability to clean their home, and if that prospect becomes a buying consumer than my performance will either make or break their loyal business. So, as a solopreneur I’m constantly selling my service.

It’s actually a joy to do so because I’m passionate about my work. I’ve never been able to say, much less write, that before.

I’m not going to drudge up the past of why that is true because I’d much rather focus on what is right than on what is wrong. Grant it, you have to understand history so you don’t repeat it, but you most certainly don’t have to dwell on it.

Today I was in a house here in Nashville working hard for the wonderful family who call it home. A mutual friend had assisted this family in designing parts of their lovely house, and I sincerely complimented the beauty of the paint, furniture and space usage. It makes me happy as well when I can take a beautiful armoire or end table and reveal it’s true beauty again by polishing it with the Old English I normally use with my clients. To see the results of my work right away is a satisfying end to my labor. It’s icing on the cake when a text message or email comes through my Blackberry from a client expressing their gratitude.

That’s the nature of business, and being a Christian that’s the nature of the Golden Rule.

As a human being created in the image of God I can’t help but think that this desire to work, create and receive thanks is built into my DNA as it is in all other six billion people on this global village.

When Adam and Eve made the choices that led to the fall I’m convinced that work would still have been in God’s plans had they not made those choices. It was well after the initial creation protocol, and God had even rested when Eve ate from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil and gave some to Adam. The Divine blessing to work was already in full swing.

That’s why it’s tragic that so many people hate their jobs, or that work is looked at as the last thing some people want to do.

I’m not more righteous than any man, woman, or child, but I know that work is something we should strive to enjoy. Sure, sometimes we have to wait to find work we enjoy, but it’s worth the effort. It would be a shame for someone to get to the end of their life only to observe they hated the 30+ years they spent doing what we call a career.

I’ve written about Dan Miller before here at Tomlinson House Cleaning, but let me give another shout out to a fellow Nashvillian who is helping thousands find work they love. His company is known as 48 Days, and it’s based on two books he wrote. The first one is called 48 Day To The Work You Love, and the other one is 48 Days To Creative Income. Mr. Dave Ramsey is close friends with Dan, and he believes strongly in what Dan is empowering people to do with their lives. Dan’s website is simply titled 48days.com, and I think if you involve yourself at any level with Dan Miller’s resources you’ll benefit tremendously from the hard work he has done for those of us who value it.

One very good point Dan makes is that just because you can be a doctor does not mean you should be one. It’s very important in any work you do that you have talent, passion and skill to do the work.

I have a talent to clean homes. I’m passionate about doing it because it empowers others to invest more time with their families, and since 2007 my skill to clean homes has increased.

I’ve saved the best for last, and not to disrespect Mr. Miller, rather it illuminates his work even more. His son Kevin Miller is the mastermind behind Free Agent Academy. I have participated as a student in Free Agent Academy. I plan to return in the near future. There are so many wonderful things I could say about Kevin Miller and Free Agent Academy, but I think the best thing I can say is that they are focused in empowering you to uncover what it is you are passionate about, and how you can use that passion to put bread on the table.

My dynamic duo inspire me to make my own economy, and like Walt Disney they show me how to make my dreams come true.

Thank you Dan Miller, and thank you Kevin Miller.


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I've been cleaning Middle Tennessee homes since 2007.
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