Green Cleaning

Jason Walker was kind enough to offer me some advice that is going to empower this blog even more.

I love to clean, and believe it or not I have a small cleaning library, but I’m sure that will grow in my Mac Kindle and Blackberry Kindle. We do after all live in the information age.

When Jason educated me via Facebook about some directions I could take this blog I instantly thought about the books I use as reference, and I continue to frequent Rhino Booksellers on Granny White across from my alma mater to see if Martha Stewarts’ exhaustive cleaning reference has come in. It hasn’t, but I may have to order a hard copy on Amazon. It’s one of the ones I want a hard copy of.

In any case I’m posting now to briefly comment on green cleaning. My clients know that I am a green company. My primary cleaner is a hydrogen peroxide based cleaner I buy at Brookmeade. I clean glass and mirrors with vinegar. When bathtubs require extra effort I use the hydrogen peroxide undiluted, and I have to tell you it’s better than the harsh substances with bleach you buy at the grocery store. That’s saying something. The cleaner is literally hydrogen peroxide, of course water and citric juices. You can easily make your own. Take a 1/4 cup of hydrogen peroxide, a normal sized spray bottle with water and maybe a table spoon of lemon juice and combine them. You probably have those things in your house right now.

I learned about this concoction from cleaning the Little School in Franklin. They purchased a brand name product like I do, but the principal is the same.

Now if you are wondering about hardwood floors I would advise you to use vinegar and hot water. Many people like Murphy Oil, and that is a green product, but when you get ready to refinish your hardwoods it makes the job tougher because of the residue build up. My friend Paul who professionally installs floors is leery of anything other than a lightly damp mop across hardwood.

I’d love to hear from you about products you use, but especially green products.

My next post will be about plants, air purifiers and other natural ways to purify your home.

Obviously big business isn’t ignoring this green cleaning rage. At one point I was buying Green Works at Kroger, and it didn’t have me coughing my head off like Formula 409 or similar agents, but I was not pleased the way I am with hydrogen peroxide.

Eventually I’ll get around to discussing all the cleaning solutions on the supermarket shelf. Feel free to enlighten us regarding things you use week after week.


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