New Beginnings

Monday morning I’m on my way to my first client. I turn right down Music Row, and take the first right past Musica on the roundabout toward my destination.

As the elevator ascended my thoughts migrated to the little girl I just dropped off at school. I don’t know if it’s because her birthday is in November and mine is in October that we love the fall and going back to school so much, but I do know we share an enthusiasm for this time of year.

It’s a new beginning for all of us touched by the American education system, and even if your kids are all grown up and taking their kids to school you can’t help but be affected by it.

It’s akin to my chosen profession. When God blesses me with a new client there is a renewed fervor to make their house shine like a diamond. Some services have a reputation of cutting corners after they have been with you awhile, hence new clients get preferential treatment because the housekeeper(s) is swinging for the fence the first several cleanings.

My daughter was like this a few months ago concerning piano lessons. She wanted to practice all day long. Now we are pulling teeth to get her to practice once a day.

Miss. Harvey, my daughter’s teacher, will no doubt have some not-so-enthusiastic- first graders later on this year. Maybe even next week!

It’s the nature of the beast.

All of us get worn out, and we need times like these to renew us. The start of a new school year, more sales, a good meal and a good night sleep.

It’s wonderful the way God has set our world into motion thousands of years ago, and even as I type this I can’t help but think that Ecclesiastes hits the nail on the head of this theme.

Even before the fall God intended for man to work. Working is important. Resting is important because God did it on the seventh day. And by the way, the seventh day is Saturday, not Sunday. The Sabbath is Saturday. It always has been, but we evangelicals have gotten lazy in our thinking and accepted the teachings of our pastors that Sunday is the Sabbath. And if you want to split hairs with the rabbis Sabbath actually begins on Friday at 6pm.

I’m not arguing that we don’t work on the Sabbath, but I am saying that we should take seriously the apostolic example to rest.

Our summer break is nonetheless coming to a close and fall and winter are fast approaching our calendars. The newness is in the air. The boys of fall are butting heads on the gridiron, and the cheerleaders, like the players, have been working hard to learn their routines.

It rejuvenates me in my marketplace position because even though I’ve been working all summer I sense and feel a second wind as it rips through my world.

I hope it does the same for you.



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