Work You Love

You cross a powerful threshold when you enter your work for the shear satisfaction of it.

I was in a client’s home today overlooking the city, and as I got my supplies situated to begin cleaning I had an overwhelming sense of peace about who I am and what I do.

I began in the master bathroom, and when I had scrubbed the shower walls and one glass pane facing the bathtub I got down to scrub the shower floor because there were calcium build-ups between the tiny tiles. I actually had to let my green solution penetrate the grime, so while I waited I scrubbed the bathtub, toilet and vanity. I went back to the tile very satisfied that the calcium deposits were coming up with the hydrogen peroxide based cleaner as I scrubbed and wiped the surface dry.

There was that same inner peace as I performed the same protocol in the client’s other lavatory. It was, how should I write, very satisfying.

Most of us have been fed lies about what true success is, yet when you have a moment such that I just described you realize that you define for yourself what success is. Don’t let someone or something else tell you what brings you peace.

It’s drawing a proverbial line in the sand, and when you don’t cross it you set a boundary that doesn’t confine you, rather it sets you free to be all that God made you to be. Only you know when you are there. It’s not a destination or a glass ceiling to break, rather it’s a journey with yourself and others. A friend of mine named Doug Berny says, “Comparison is the enemy of contentment.” When you finally get to the point of believing this you will be at peace with where you are. It doesn’t mean you become an underacheiver. It doesn’t mean you become a work-a-holic. It means you set realistic goals, and when you reach them you become content with what you have achieved.

That’s all God asks of any of us.

In the marketplace people come and go, but who you choose to be is forever with you, so don’t torture yourself my re-living every career objective because it will only shorten your life.

Do your best to find work you enjoy, and when you find it you’ll find an inner peace that will stay with you on this journey. If you need help doing that visit Dan Miller and his crew over at 48Days To The Work You Love.

I highly recommend his resources.



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