All work and no play?

The day began with smoked sausage, toast, coffee and OJ. My daughter played outside, but mostly inside due to the extreme heat we are having in Nashville.

It began to occur to me how important work is to all of us. It’s a vital ingredient that if left out of the recipe of life can ruin it.

My wife is part of the health care industry, and I am obviously part of the service industry. Our daughter is part of the education industry, and those who teach her work hard to provide her with what I deem an excellent one.

Being the home of the Titans we are also familiar with the recent NFL lock-out that ended just days ago because of hard work between owners, managers, coaches and players and of course attorneys representing all of them. I’m thankful they put in the hours because I love to watch football in the fall be it professional or college. It’s a nice respite from a hard day’s or hard week’s worth of work.

My wife’s work empowers others to resume their own work be that singing in Las Vegas or teaching college freshman about Dante. She has been part of some ground breaking work at Vandy that uses Physical Therapy in rehabilitating patients with voice abnormalities.

My work is for the most part a luxury service, but there are those we clean for that literally cannot clean for themselves, and it’s good to know that when we leave their homes are healthier because of the bad germs and bacteria we remove.

Oh sure, there are those out there who are workaholics, and so they must re-learn how to play. As Americans many of us aren’t given to moderation. We don’t balance well, and many of us use work as therapy, but when we exclude time with family, rest and play we in essence are excluding our best when we work.

Work is vital. You’ll get no argument from me. Family, rest and play are vital too, so don’t ignore them. I guess I’ll have to write a three part series on time management, but I’ll let you download some time management stuff over at Amazon to your Kindle.

I realize opinions are like belly buttons. Everybody’s got one, but I think what I’m trying to convey here is that there’s nothing wrong with an 80-hour work week, but make those few and far between. Make room for the truly important things in life because when it’s all said and done you won’t wish for more time at the office.

Grace and peace.


About Tomlinson Cleaning, LLC

I've been cleaning Middle Tennessee homes since 2007.
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