Routines and Schedules

I was reading Home Comforts today during lunch, and the author was writing about routines and schedules.

I then thought about the opening scenes of Water for Elephants because as you know Carey and I saw it last Friday night. Robert Pattinson’s character Jacob never finished veterinarian school. His life took a different turn.

I bring that up because most of us have routines and schedules in place, but like Jacob, things happen that disrupt them. Most of them are not as dramatic as what is seen in Water for Elephants, but nonetheless they happen.

I was talking to a mother at ballet last night who was down in Titusville to watch the last Space Shuttle launch, but as you probably know it never launched. I suppose in a perfect world everything would go as scheduled, but due to a break down in communication, a lack of funding, parts defecting and illness we live in a world where things have to be rescheduled or canceled.

As a business owner this is frustrating for me because that means less money in the bank, and here in the early stages of my business that has meant some bounced checks because my outgo exceeded my income. Frustrating to say the least, yet I continue as best I can putting one foot in front of the other to do the next thing.

I understand Dave Ramsey’s emergency fund might help alleviate this problem, and maybe some advanced planning or budget expenditure could be adjusted, and those are certainly viable options that should be part of my frontal cortex.

I think as I make those things more a part of my business routines and schedules the less problem I will have when my routine is disrupted.

I think in the mean time till Tomlinson House Cleaning sees more red than black my faith must play into action, not so much forgiving my irresponsibility, rather realizing that forgiveness is also power from God to do the right thing at the right time. Faith never sits the bench or goes to the clubhouse, but when mistakes are made we need to be reminded that we aren’t our mistakes, and our success and failure does not define us. It helps us move on quicker to be and do for the benefit of our routines and schedules.

Thanks for reading.


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