Lipscomb Wins!

My alma mater won a branding contest voted out at The Nashville Business Journal.

My friend Erik, who is a much better writer than I am, posted a great article about it here with the publication he works for.

I don’t think any business or organization can overlook how important branding is. Seth Godin and many others make a living at it. As you can see from my logo above even lone rangers such as myself have to take it seriously because competition is stiff even in a down economy. Even more so in a down economy, but I think it’s looking up. That’s just my humble layman opinion. I’m a theologian/businessman, so I limit my economic forecasting.

When you read about the Music City branding competition look at all the established businesses we beat out. I was pretty pumped my alma mater won.

Go Bisons!


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I've been cleaning Middle Tennessee homes since 2007.
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