Business Acumen

I’m a theologian by training, but I became a businessman somewhere along the way, hence my housekeeper status.

I guess there’s nothing new about that because even in historical theology you find theologians who supported themselves with some sort of trade.

It’s interesting to see similar epiphanies pop up in each discipline. Let me explain.

When I was taking a Greek reading course in college I had 20 semester hours that particular semester. It was more than I could handle. I dropped the reading course to reduce my load to 17.

Fast forward a few years to when Tomlinson House Cleaning is trying to clean commercial and residential properties. That was too many irons in the fire. I dropped my commercial accounts to focus on my residential accounts, and my residential success grew. I was also more satisfied with my job performance because rather than rushing from a house to catch a business at 5:00pm I was able to zero in on doing a better job on that house.

I know men and women who are 10-talented people, but most of us fall into the average category. We fall into the average category because we do too much. I realize when I say we I’m not speaking for you, so let me change my pronoun.

Focus is paramount to my business acumen.

Another thing I latched onto today in the business acumen area is that waiting is a key component in my pursuits. My generation is not good at waiting. I want it now. I hate to wait, but I’ve learned the hard way that I have to wait. I’m still learning to wait.

My friend Ty really drove them home for me the other day in our regular breakfast mentoring sessions at Cracker Barrel. He has a successful commercial construction business, and he has worked many 100 hour weeks to get where he is. The really cool thing about my good friend is that even though he has put in the hours to be “successful” his devotion to faith and family hasn’t taken a backseat. Obviously those 100 hour weeks are in the past, but his habits of focusing and waiting are nonetheless in play as the clock ticks through time. He’s definitely an inspiring mentor, and he is a hero because he knows how to bridge work and faith without being self-righteous on either side.


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I've been cleaning Middle Tennessee homes since 2007.
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