Belle Meade

My dad, born in 1945, grew up taking the bus after school at Waverly-Belmont to the Belle Meade theatre for 25 cent shows.

In 1991 I started driving my 1966 Buick Special south on Granny White to Harding Place driving through Belle Meade to the Westside Athletic Club as a college freshman to lifeguard. My admiration for Belle Meade is 20 years old.

From 2004-2005 I worked in the Belle Meade Plaza at Katy’s, and it helped that my favorite Starbucks in town was next door.

My affinity for Belle Meade is a genuine respect for beauty and good things, and the time I spend on the Boulevard and in Percy Warner are times of transcendent peace that heal me from the baggage I carry from the past.

God shows up everywhere we go, but I have found him most recently in a beautiful posh Nashville suburb called Belle Meade.

Nashville is dotted with so many wonderful enclaves, and we as a people in Music City are proud of them, not because they are perfect, but because we call them home.

Home is an important aspect in every individual’s life, and the fabric of our society is only as strong as our homes. When we have a mutual respect for the beauty and privacy of each home we extend a hand of love that spans generations.

As a housekeeper in Belle Meade I see this beauty in homes because it makes an indelible impression on my own mind as I seek to design, decorate and clean my home with my wife Carey and my daughter Chloe. I don’t ever completely imitate the beauty I see because God made me with an ability to create what no one else can create, but when I do enter these homes of distinction I am enamored with the care and precision that has gone into making them the art they are.

Each one of us is looking for something beautiful. Each one of us needs a dream we can wrap our minds around. We are strapped by the fear of the past, present and future, and when we actually put the thing of beauty on paper our fear of what others think monopolizes our thoughts. We transverse right into a thought that we aren’t good enough, or we are too good.

Well, I’m tired of living that way, so here it is world. I want to clean two houses a day in Belle Meade.

I have an ad coming out in April’s nFocus, and it would make me a happy man if I secure two clients a day in Belle Meade.

I love to clean, and when Monday morning rolls around I look forward to going to work. Nashville’s NBC affiliate WSMV Channel 4 has been helping me get the message out about my service. Right now there are 9 vouchers left on their website, and for $50.00 you get 6 hours of cleaning from yours truly.

I hope you all have a fantastic week.


About Tomlinson Cleaning, LLC

I've been cleaning Middle Tennessee homes since 2007.
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