Stainless Steel etc.

I learned yesterday that you can polish stainless steel with Pledge. The same client informed me you can use one part vinegar to two parts water to replace window cleaners. I seem to be talking with forked tongue when I go from Pledge to green products. Let us know how you make your stainless steel shine. Most of my clients have Weiman stainless steel cleaner/polish under their sinks, so I utilize that, and it’s been an excellent product, but being that Tomlinson House Cleaning is attempting to go all green it would behoove me to investigate what kind of natural solutions might make good stainless steel cleaners and polishes to shine.

I also learned that mayo can be used to polish wood furniture, yet today I used a client’s bottle of Orange Glo, and I was seriously impressed.

As you can see I’m getting some on-the-job-training, and I’m open to suggestions that will help us become more environmentally aware.

Tomlinson House Cleaning, LLC is active in Music City recycling too. It’s free, and they provide curbside service with their handy dandy green containers. To find out more about recycling as it pertains to your Nashville suburb click on this link.

Let me know about your green cleaning habits. Happy cleaning!


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I've been cleaning Middle Tennessee homes since 2007.
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