American Girl

American Girl creates a beautiful doll, and the accessories and customer service are equally as delightful.

I am a professional maid, however, and to see dust atop some of the acrylic displays with those gorgeous dolls in them was disconcerting. Housekeeping should not be regulated to hotels and houses. Retail establisments should be aware of it too. I mean no disrespect to American Girl, and we will be purchasing a doll tomorrow before our tea appointment in the Bistro.

In fact, appetizers, drinks and dinner tonight in the Bistro was wonderful, and if dust on acrylic shelves is my only complaint I assure you I will continue being a loyal patron of this American icon for girls.

As one professional to another, I lovingly implore American Girl to pay closer attention to their retail space.

Image is important in the business world, and taking the high road to cleanliness makes our services and products more valuable.

Thank you American Girl for valuing my daughter, and thank you Tomlinson House Cleaning clients for valuing my service.


About Tomlinson Cleaning, LLC

I've been cleaning Middle Tennessee homes since 2007.
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