Housecleaning is not rocket science, but it does require perseverance. I don’t know who coined the phrase, but many times you have to act your way into a better way of feeling. You can’t expect to feel like cleaning your house, and begin to clean it.

I thought this an appropriate post to write approaching a Monday. Our work is important, and many of us enjoy our work, but there are still times even though we enjoy our work that we lack the motivation, much less the perseverance, to perform it. I hope this post gives you more inspiration to do the less than glamorous things we have to do every day.

I came in from church about an hour ago, and there was a pile of dishes I did not want to wash. I rolled up my sleeves, however, and surprisingly I washed them all in about 20 minutes. It was actually a pleasant experience, and once I had been washing for about 5 minutes I was glad I did it.

You can use this psychology for many things. Getting up in the morning, writing a thank you note, doing your homework, taking out the trash, organizing that closet you’ve been ruminating about for a week, and making dinner on a Saturday night. It’s a transferable skill that has a greater return than we realize.

Procrastination is a universal problem, and perseverance is hardly even a thought, so long we live lives of procrastination. We don’t need boot camp training here, but we do need to see that life on many fronts is better when we exercise perseverance for things we just don’t feel like doing, and I’ve found those things happen every day.

Let me know how you’re doing, and I’ll keep you posted regarding how my habits of perseverance are paying off.

Thanks for reading.


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I've been cleaning Middle Tennessee homes since 2007.
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